Benefits as Big as Your Ambitions

The Gulf County Chamber of Commerce is proud to be a vital part of our city's success. The chamber plays an important role in both supporting local businesses and marketing Gulf County to, residents, visitors, and potential businesses. While working with media partnerships, the chamber offers more affordable advertising, networking events, and sponsorships that help raise awareness in the community. We invite you to take a look at what we have to offer as a member and also extend an invitation to join the rapidly growing Gulf County Chamber of Commerce. Membership to the Gulf County Chamber of Commerce opens up a world of opportunities! Here are some of the membership benefits you'll enjoy:

Exposure & Advertising

  • GET CONNECTED! - Your logo and business description will be listed and a website linked. Events, advertisements or specials can be listed on the Chamber calendar.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA - The Gulf County Chamber's social networking is growing every week. The opportunity to reach customers is limitless. Promoting your event, sale or new logo via social media will draw customers to your business.
  • CHAMBER CHITCHAT -The Chamber's weekly e-publication is filled with educational pieces, local events, job postings and important information relating to the Gulf County Chamber and Community.
  • CHAMBER PROGRAMS - Meet with other area businesses at our monthly Lunch & Learn and our Business after Hours events. These offer great opportunities for members to mingle and promote their business while learning about others. Bring your business cards!
  • RELOCATION GUIDE - A digital relocation guide is available on our website and can be sent as a PDF file for an additional fee (Available 2016).

Public Relations

  • RIBBON CUTTING/OPEN HOUSE - A ribbon cutting ceremony is offered to your business. The chamber also promotes your open house via social media and the Chamber calendar of events.
  • PRESS RELEASES - your chamber event will be sent to The Star newspaper advertising your event.
  • EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS - It is a vital part of being connected with the Chamber. Having your business listed with us, enables the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to get in contact with your business in case of an emergency. Best of all, the EOC will come and create an emergency plan for your business.

Leadership Development

  • LUNCH & LEARN - Educational and Network development luncheons held at various places in the local area.
  • BUSINESS AFTER HOURS - Every month we offer a meet & greet so you and your business can grow within our community.
  • TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT - Training is imperative for your business to flourish. Teaming up with the Gulf Coast Community College and other area institutes, we offer the best training available for your business.

Involvement & Participation

  • SPONSORSHIP - You can sponsor Leadership Development events along with other community activities. For more information email:
  • COMMITTEE OPPORTUNITIES - Help develop personal and business relationships by committee events.


NOTE: Membership investment is payable in advance and is continuous unless cancelled in writing in advance of due date. Membership investment is deductible from federal and state income taxes as a business expense.